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eCommerce Suite gives your users a few options to generate loyalty / rewards points on your store.  These rewards points can be converted into gift certificates that they can then use to shop on your site.

Reward Point Conversion
You can set the reward point to dollar conversion first in Settings> Marketing > Performance > Rewards Point Conversion.  Each conversion rate point will be equal to 1.00 in currency on your site. For example, if you set 100 as the Rewards Point Conversion, it will take 100 points to generate $1.00 in gift certificate amount. 
Managing Rewards
You can create rewards in Promotions > Loyalty Rewards > Reward Options. Click on the Create Reward. On the Manage Reward Details page, you can set the following:

  • Status – Enable or Disable this reward
  • Points – The total points to give out when a user performs the reward type
  • Reward Type – Select different actions that a user can perform in order to get the reward.  Currently, you can select any of the following:
    • Reward a User for Registering on Your Site
    • Reward a User on His / Her Birthday
    • Reward for Submitting a Product Review
    • Reward for a Blog Comment
    • Reward a User for Creating a Wish List
  • Start Date – When you want this reward to start
  • Expires On – When you want this reward to expire
  • Description – A short description of the reward

Assigning Rewards Points
You can assign rewards points through product purchases, discount groups, commission rules, or by adding them manually to a user.

Points Through Product Purchases
You can assign points to users whenever purchasing specific products by assigning points to the product in Products > Manage Products > View Products > Edit. Go to the Availability tab and enter the number of points the Points field.

Points Through Product Discount Groups
To assign points to discount groups, you must first assign discount groups to products. You can do that in Products > Manage Products > View Products > Edit. On the Discounts tab, click on Add Discount Group or edit the discount groups already assigned to the product.  Under the Points box, you can set the number of points you want to give out to this particular group
Points Using Commission Rules
When creating commission rules, you can select the option Issue Rewards Points when setting up the rule in Affiliate Marketing > Commission Rules 
Manually Updating a User’s Points
To view a user’s point totals manually, you can do that in their contact details in Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts > Edit. On the Profile tab, scroll down to the Points field to update.

Viewing Total Users’ Rewards Points
You can view all of your users’ rewards points in Promotions > Loyalty Rewards > Top Rewards Users.  This page will show you the top rewards users in descending format.

Generating Gift Certificates from Points
If a user has enough points for redemption, you can do that through the cron job that you set in Settings > Automation > Cron Job, and make sure to check the Generate Rewards cron task. 
To manually generate a gift certificate, you can click on the Redeem icon in Promotions > Loyalty Rewards > Top Rewards Users.  This will generate the gift certificate for the user and add it in the Products > Gift Certificates area for you to view / update.

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