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The events calendar module allows you to schedule events for your system.  These events are then available for your users to view in the members area, when they click on the Events icon, or go to, where is your eCommerce Suite installation URL.
Managing Events
To view your events calendar, go to Promotions > Events Calendar. The events calendar page will show the current month on the left-hand side, with any events set for the current date on the right-hand side. To create an event, just click on the Create Event button. This will show the Manage Event Details page, where you can set the following:

  • Status – Set this event to Active or Inactive.  Only active events show up publicly
  • Date – The date of the event
  • Start Time – When the event starts
  • End Time – When the event ends
  • Title – Title of your event
  • Location – The location of your event
  • Description – A short description of your event
  • Event Photo – An image that represents your image

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