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You can generate coupon codes to give out to users for discounts to be applied in your eCommerce store.

Managing Coupon Codes
To view coupon codes in your eCommerce site, go to Promotions > Coupon Codes > View Coupons. To create a new coupon code, click on Create Coupon. On the Details tab, set the following:

  • Coupon Code – Enter the code you want to use, if you want to generate a random code, click on the Generate button
  • Status – Enable or disable this coupon code
  • Coupon Amount – The amount for this coupon code
  • Coupon Type – Set this as a flat or percentage amount
  • Start Date – When this coupon code can start to be redeemed
  • Expires On – Date when this coupon code will expire
  • Restrict to Products – If you want to restrict this coupon code to only apply to certain products, enable this option
  • Select Products – If you want to restrict this coupon code to specific products, assign the products here

On the Options tab, you can set the following:

  • Minimum Order Amount – If you want to have a specific amount before this coupon can be applied, enter the amount here
  • Free Shipping – If you want to give out free shipping with this coupon code.
  • Number of Uses Allowed – The number of uses this coupon code is allowed
  • Affiliate – If you want to assign an affiliate to this coupon code, whenever this coupon is applied, that affiliate will get the commission for the sale.
  • Notes -Add notes to this coupon code

Applying Coupon Codes
Your users can apply valid coupon codes in their cart before checkout:
Where is the installation URL for your eCommerce Suite

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