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Discount groups allow you to set special discounts for your users. If a user is part of a specific discount group, they get that discount whenever they shop at your eCommerce store. You can also specify custom discounts for each product, for each group.

Managing Discount Groups
To view your discount groups, go to Promotions > Discount Groups > View Discount Groups. To add a discount group, click on Add Discount Group. On the Manage Group Details set the following:

  • Group Name – Name your group
  • Group Description – Group description
  • Discount Type – Set it as flat or percentage
  • Group Amount – Amount for your discount
  • Sort Order – sort order for your discounts

Assigning Discount Groups
To assign a user to a discount group, go to the user’s details in Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts > Edit, under the Groups tab, set the Discount Group.  You can also set the discount group on the main contacts page and select the check box for the user.  Near the bottom of the page, select the Set Discount Group option in the Mark Checked As dropdown field and select the discount group you want to assign the selected users to.

Setting Custom Discounts Per Product
To set different discounts for each and any of your products, go to Products > Manage Products > View Products, click on the Edit icon for the product that you want, and click on the Discounts tab.  Click on the Add Discount Group button to assign discount groups to this product. Once the groups are set, you can enable it and set the amounts for each group.

  • Group – select the discount group
  • Amount – set the amount for this discount
  • Quantity – The quantity required before the discount is applied
  • Type – Set the flat or percentage discount type
  • Points – Optional loyalty reward points to give out
  • Start Date – Date when you want this discount to start for this product
  • Expires On – Date when you want this discount to stop / expire
  • Sort Order – Sort Order

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