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Email Settings

  • Default Email Contact – Set the email address to where emails are sent after a contact fills in the contact us form
  • Set the mailer type and SMTP options for your site

            Mass Mail

  • Set the default mailing list for new contacts
  • Set the mailing list module as Internal or Third Party if you have enabled a third-party mailing list module
  • Mass Mailing Limit – The maximum amount of emails sent at a given time using the internal mailing list module


  • Email Server Provider – User PHPMailer as default or use SendGrid if you want use that for sending emails.  (You must have a SendGrid account)
  • SMTP Timeout – Set the timeout for sending emails
  • Send Queue Immediately – When sending emails, you can flush the queue immediately if you want to send them right away, instead of at intervals using the CRON job
  • Set Email Archive options for pruning
  • Enable SSL or TLS for sending emails
  • Enable Email Debugging – If you have issues sending email, you can enable this option
  • Show Content in Queue – For viewing emails, you can view the content with this

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