Store Settings

This tab sets the options for your eCommerce shopping cart and order management.

  • Enable / Disable the eCommerce Store and Shopping Cart
  • Set the Default Weight Type (pounds vs kilograms)
  • Set the default discount group for new accounts
  • Enable Wish Lists, Product Reviews and Filters, as well as Product Inventory


  • Set Cart Redirection options
  • Show similar products on the cart page
  • Set a minimum amount that needs to be ordered before being able to checkout and pay
  • Allow currency conversion


  • Set SSL on checkout pages
  • Set the mailing lists to subscribe customers to on checkout


  • Enable tax calculations and VAT options


  • Send supplier email alerts
  • Set new products added as shippable by default, otherwise they are set as digital on creation


  • Set invoice options such as invoice format, numbers and logo
  • Show Debug Info on Invoices - if you have any issues, you can enable this option.
  • Set the default status on orders
  • Allow members to cancel subscriptions themselves
  • Allow gift certificates
  • configuration, settings, shipping, invoices, taxes
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