Global Settings

The Global Settings Page controls most of the global aspects of your eCommerce system.  From here, you can set the different settings for the admin area, store area, security and image settings, as well as backup and automation.


It is separated by a number of tabs representing certain aspects of the system.  They are:

  1. Site -Controls General settings, forms, social network URLs, and offline mode settings
  2. Store - Control the Store, checkout and cart settings, as well as taxes, shipping and invoices
  3. Admin - Enable and Disable admin area language, date and WYSIWYG settings
  4. Marketing - Setup your affiliate marketing and commission settings here.
  5. Content - This tab configures blog, content, and user profile settings.
  6. Media - Set the image, upload and download options in this tab.
  7. Email - Set the emailer type as well debugging options.
  8. Security - IP restrictions and CAPTCHA settings can be configured in this tab.
  9. Support - Enable and disable the help desk, knowledgebase and forum options here.
  10. System - Set the default time settings and database backup paths
  11. Automation - For setting up the necessary scheduled cron tasks and API keys.
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