Marketing Settings

This tab sets the configuration for your affiliate marketing, rewards, and network marketing options
Affiliate Settings

  • Enable / Disable the affiliate marketing system
  • Set new account registrations as affiliates automatically
  • Set the default affiliate registration group.
  • New Commission Status – Pay on the total cart amount or per product commissions
  • If you want to manually approve affiliate registrations, enable it here
  • Set Default Landing Page – If you want referrals to land on a different URL on your site, you can set the relative path here
  • Enable Affiliate Lifetime Sponsor – If you want to pay the same affiliate with all the purchases of a specific user for all time, enable this option.
  • Require affiliate referrals to be set when a customer checks out and pays.
  • Auto Approve Affiliate Commissions – If you want to approve all commissions immediately once it is generated, enable it here.
  • Enable recurring commissions if you sell membership / subscriptions
  • Set the minimum payment amount
  • Allow affiliates to directly link to specific products on your site
  • If you want to set a different referral variable for custom affiliate links, set the variable here
  • Show active downline users for network marketing settings


  • Affiliate Link Type – Set to the following if you want:
    • Regular –
    • Subdomain –
    • Custom – a custom affiliate link you set under the Custom Affiliate Link URL setting
  • If you want the affiliate tracking cookie to be overwritten by a new one every time a user clicks on an affiliate link, enable this option
  • Affiliate Cookie Timer – the default is 365 days
  • Track affiliate via IP Address
  • When using subdomain links, enter the ones that are restricted here
  • For custom affiliate links, enter it here if you are using one
  • Prune Tracking logs after 365 days by default
  • Set the minimum username length when registering
  • If you set usernames randomly, set the type here for numeric or alphanumeric usernames
  • If you want to allow tracking of sites outside of this eCommerce Suite, enable that here along with the commission tracking key
  • If you want to use Google Analytics, enter the code here
  • If you want to block specific URLs from referring to your site, set this option to enable and enter the URLs under Affiliates > Affiliate Traffic > Block Traffic


  • If you want to set rewards points, set the conversion rate here.  For example, 100 points equals 1 dollar

            Member Options

  • If you want to show pending commissions in the members area, enable it
  • Show Widget Profiles – If you want to show an affiliate’s widget profile on the sidebar for content pages
  • Show Customer Data on Commissions - If you want to show the invoice and customer data on commission details in the members area, enable this option
  • If you have downlines, you can allow members to view their downlines
  • In Downlines, you can show the members emails for contact requirements

 Network Marketing
            * This tab only shows when you have a network marketing license key

  • Affiliate Commission Levels – Up to 10 levels is supported
  • Forced matrix – enable if you want to use this option and set the forced matrix width
  • Forced Matrix Spillover – In Forced Matrix, if a downline has been filled, you can set the spillover affiliate option here.  You can set them to have no sponsor, a random sponsor ID, or a specific sponsor ID
  • Set the Downline Viewing Option
  • Allow Affiliates to Mass Email Their Downline from the Members Area
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