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This tab will set the following options for your web site:
General Settings

  • Your web site name, email, and phone number
  • Select the default site address
  • Select the default language for your site
  • Enter a short description for your website that shows in the footer section of the default template for your web site.


  • Set the default country for forms
  • Enable the Terms of Service (TOS) and mailing list subscribe checkboxes
  • Send account login details on signup
  • Require email confirmation on signup – this helps prevent SPAM accounts
  • Block specific email domains from creating an account
  • Enable / Disable Guest Checkout, Account Registration or Account Login individually.

Social Contacts

  • Enter the URLs for your social network accounts here, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


  • Enable / Disable Maintenance Mode – if you want to setup your site without others accessing it accidentally, you can enable this option
  • Show the Accept Cookies bar, if you want to comply with EU cookie laws.
  • Require User Login – require users to login to your site in order to access it.
  • Set Age Restrictions if you want to require users to confirm their age before site access

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