Marketing Settings

The Marketing Settings tab will show the following sections:

Affiliate Settings

This section shows configuration settings for your affiliate marketing module

  1. Enable Affiliate Marketing - Enable and disable affiliate marketing for your site.
  2. Customers Are Automatically Affiliates - Turn your new customers automatically as affiliates
  3. Default Affiliate Registration Group - The affiliate group users are added to when they first register.
  4. New Commission Status - The status of commissions when they are first generated.  Allows you to send them via email or not as well.
  5. Pay Per Product Or Total Sale - Pay individual commissions on each product's unit price or the sub total amount of the checkout.
  6. Admin Approval On Affiliate Registrations - Require approval by the admin before an affiliate is enabled.
  7. Set Default Landing Page - Set the default URL that users are sent to after clicking affiliate links.
  8. Enable Affiliate Lifetime Sponsor - Allow lifetime commissions on purchases based on sponsor
  9. Require Affiliate Referral Code on Checkout - Require an Affiliate Referral Code on checkout
  10. Affiliate  Commission Levels - Total affiliate commission levels
  11. Auto Approve Affiliate Commissions - Set the number of days to auto approve commissions here.  Set to '0' to disable.
  12. Enable Recurring Affiliate Commissions - Enable recurring commissions on product subscriptions
  13. Affiliate Minimum Payment Amount - Set the Minimum Payment Amount for Affiliate Commissions
  14. Enable Affiliate Direct Product Code - Enable direct affiliate links for products on product pages.
  15. Affiliate Get Variable - For appending to store pages, such as ref=username
  16. Restrict Downline Viewing Levels - Restrict the number of affiliate levels to view
  17. Show Active Downline Users Only - Show active users in the downline matrix


Set the affiliate tracking options for hyour site

  1.  Affiliate Link Type - Set the type of affiliate link you want to use for affiliates.  Options are regular, subdomain and custom.  Subdomains require extra configuration on your host, so use this only if you know how.
  2. Overwrite Existing Affiliate Cookie - Enable this option if you want to overwrite an existing affiliate cookie on a user's computer when they click on another affiliate link.
  3. Affiliate Cookie Timer - The number of days the affiliate cookie will last on a user's machine.
  4. Enable IP Address Tracking - Track affiliates using IP addresses.
  5. Restrict Affiliate Subdomains - If you are using subdomain affiliate links, you can add subdomains that you dont' want affiliates to use as their subdomain username.
  6. Custom Affiliate Link URL - If you are using custom affiliate links, this is the format that will show on your affiliate members area for affiliate links.
  7. Days After To Automatically Prune Tracking - Prune Affiliate Tracking data after X number of days.
  8. Minimum Affiliate Username Length - Minimum number of characters for affiliate usernames.
  9. Random Username Type - If usernames are dynamically generated, you can specify how it is generated here.
  10. Next Username Numeric Sequence - If sequential numeric random usernames are used, the next number will be set here.
  11. Restrict Self Commissions - If you don't want customers to click on their own affiliate links and trigger commissions, you can enable this option.
  12. Allow External Commission Generation - If you want to trigger commissions from other shopping carts or forms outside of this application, you can enable this option and enter a commission tracking key below.
  13. Commission Tracking Key - Alpha numeric code for use when you enable external commission generation.


Set the Signup bonuses and rewards options here

  1. Enable Affiliate Signup Bonus - Give a commission signup bonus for registering as an account
  2. Affiliate Signup Bonus Amount - The commission signup bonus amount
  3. Enable Referral Signup Bonus - Give a commission signup bonus for the referring affiliate who referred the new user
  4. Referral Signup Bonus Amount - The commission signup bonus amount given to the affiliate
  5. Rewards Point Conversion - If you give rewards, enter the equivalent amount of points to equal 1 dollar. Ex. 100 points = 1 dollar

Member Options

Setup the affiliate member options in this section

  1. Show Pending Commissions To Members - Show pending commission types in the members area
  2. Show Widget Profiles - Show an affiliate user's widget on site pages
  3. Show Customer Data on Commissions - Show customer information on affiliate commission details in the members area
  4. Allow Access To Downline Viewer - Allow Allow Affiliates To Access the Downline Viewer
  5. Show Downline Email - Show the downline user's email address
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