Inventory Management

If you would like to use inventory management.  You can enable this in your eCommerce store.  Go to Settings > Store > Products and set the following options:

  • Enable Product Inventory – Enable site wide inventory options
  • Enable Product Inventory Alerts – When you enable this option, eCommerce Suite will send you an alert email whenever the inventory for a specific product reaches a specific level as specified in the Product Inventory Alert Level
  • Product Inventory Alert Level – Number for sending out inventory alert emails

For each product, you can manually enable / disable inventory for each one in the Availability tab, under the Enable Inventory option.  You can also set the following:

  • Inventory Amount – Set the inventory totals for this product
  • Min Quantity Required – If you want to set a minimum number of items for this product when purchased, set this option to something greater than 1
  • Max Quantity Allowed – If you only want a specific amount to be sold per checkout for this product, enter a quantity here.
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