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Subscription products allow you to charge a recurring amount whenever someone purchases it. You can setup memberships or recurring payments with different price intervals.
You can create multiple pricing points and set different intervals by clicking on the Add Pricing Options tab.

  • Enabled / Amount / Default – enable this price, set the amount, and make this the default payment amount for the product
  • Interval – Set the current interval
  • Interval Type – Select the interval type, whether it be Month, Day, Week, or Year
  • Recurrence – The total number of times this subscription should be billed.  Set to zero to have it unlimited.
  • Enable Initial Amount – If you want to charge a trial amount, enable this option and add an amount
  • Initial Interval – The initial trial interval amount
  • Initial Type – Set the initial interval type, month, day, week, or year
  • Name – Name for this pricing option, for example Per Month, so the select option will look like $20 - Per Month

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