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To add a product, just click on Products > Manage Products > View Products and click on the Create Product button.  Select the type of product that you want to create from the dropdown options box.  Depending on your license, you can create:

  • Physically shipped product
  • Digital Product / Download
  • Gift Certificate
  • Subscription or Membership
  • Third Party or External Store Referral

Product Tabs
Depending on the product that you are managing, the following tabs may be available for configuration.

  • Availability
  • Pricing
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Media
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Shipping
  • Discounts
  • Cross Sell
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Options

product page

The availability tab allows you to set the following options:

  • Status – Set the product’s status as Active or Inactive
  • Featured – Enable to feature this product in featured products section of your site.
  • Date Expires – If you want to set a limited time offer for this product, enter the date here.
  • Limited Time Offer – If you want to show the limited timer on the product details page
  • Enable Inventory – Enable inventory for this product
  • Inventory Amount – Set the inventory amount
  • Min Quantity Required – If you want to set a minimum number of items for this product when purchased, set this option to something greater than 1
  • Max Quantity Allowed – If you only want a specific amount to be sold per checkout for this product, enter a quantity here.
  • Hidden Product – If you don’t want this product to be shown in your store catalog or home page, set this option
  • Points – Set the number of points the customer gets when they purchase this product.

The product tab shows the following options:

  • Product Price – The regular price of the product
  • Product Sale Price - The sale price of the product
  • Login for Price – If you want the customer to have to login first before he / she can view the price, enable this option
  • Tax Class ID – If you want to charge taxes for this product, select the tax class for it here.

You can also set different pricing options for subscription-based products.
Set the product name, overview and description here.  You can also set the meta title, keywords and description for the page here.

Product Specifications allow you to set different specifications for each product. For example, if you sell computers, you can create specs for Memory, Hard Disk, Processor speed, etc.  You can then set these up for each product and have them show on your product’s details page on your eCommerce site. To assign specifications to this product, just click on the Assign Product Specifications button.

The Media tab gives you the option to upload different images, videos and downloadable files associated to your product.

  • Images – Click on the Add New Image to upload and add an image or photo to this product. To update a photo, just click on the photo itself to replace it with another one.  Make sure all photos are PNG, GIF, or JPEG format
  • Videos – Assign videos to your product by selecting ones you have added in Content Media > Video Manager. You can also set a video as the initial default option instead of a product photo
  • Download Files – If this is a digital product, you can assign downloadable files that you have created in Content Manager > Download Files

Categories allow you to set this product’s different categories and tags, as well as set the product’s brand and supplier, if any. You can assign the product to as many categories as you want.

  • Categories – Assign different product categories to this product from categories that you have created under Products > Product Categories
  • Tags – Enter as many different tags that you want for this product.  You can enter them as you see fit, and it will automatically be added to the Products > View Product Tags area if it is not yet there.
  • Brand – Select a brand for this product from Products > Product Brands
  • Supplier – Select a supplier for this product from Products > Product Suppliers

Assign product attributes for your product, such as Size, Color, etc.  from the attributes that you create in Products > Product Attributes
If you want to charge shipping for this product, enable the Charge Shipping option.  You can also specify the size and weight options here.

The discounts tab allows you to set different pricing amounts for each discount group that you have specified under Promotions > Discount Groups > View Discount Groups. If a user is a member of a specific discount group, he /she can get the discounted pricing based on the options you set here.  You can also enable start and expiration dates for the discount pricing. To add a discount group, just click on Add Discount Group

Cross Sell
If you’d like to up sell other products when someone adds a product in their shopping cart, you can add those products in the Cross Sell These Products option.  You can also set different products to show and upsell in the shopping cart using product tags if enabled here.

Affiliate Marketing
The affiliate marketing tab allows you to set specific commission amounts for each affiliate group for this product.  If you don’t want to charge a commission for this product, you can also disable it here.

The options tab allows you to set some extra options such as different product IDs.  You can also set the mailing list to add / remove the buyer of this product to.  If you have a custom product page template, you can select that here.

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