Adding Manual Payments

Your eCommerce Store allows you the ability to process both payments in real-time durin the customer's checkout process, or add payments manually through the admin area.  This is useful if you accept offline payment types, like check, money order, or COD.

You can view all payments and transactions in Orders > Manage Invoices > Invoice Payments.  To create a manual payment, you can click on Create Payment and set the following fields:

  • Method – Select the payment method
  • Date – The date of the transaction
  • Transaction ID – Transaction ID for the payment.  This is usually generated by the payment gateway
  • Invoice ID – The invoice ID to associate this payment to
  • Amount – The amount for the transaction
  • Fee – The transaction fee, usually made by the payment gateway
  • Description – A short description for your transaction
  • CC Type – If this is a credit card payment, you can select the credit card type
  • CC Last Four – Last four digits of the card if any
  • CC Month – The month for the card if any
  • CC Year – The year for the card if any
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