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To manage your invoices, go to Orders > Manage Invoices > View Invoices. On this page, you can mark invoices as Unpaid, Paid, Refunded, Cancelled, etc.  You can also print or email a selected invoice to the user.

Creating Invoices
You can create invoices in two different ways.  First, you can generate an invoice by creating an order in Orders > Manage Orders > Create Order. This invoice would then be attached to the order generated.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts
  2. Click on the Edit  icon for the user you want to create an invoice for

  3. On the Update User page, click on the Issue New Invoice
  4. On the Create Invoice page, enter the fields given on the page.
  5. Enter the Item, Quantity, and Price for the item.  If you want to add more items to the invoice, click on Add More Items.

    *Please note, adding items in the invoice are manual and not tied to any product listed in the system.

  6. Click on Create Invoice
  7. The invoice will now be listed in the Invoices page.
If you want to create a proper order for the system that assoicates products in the system in the invoice, you must use the Create Orders function

Updating Invoices
You can update any invoice in your eCommerce system in Orders > Manage Invoices > View Invoices and click on the Edit icon. On the Update Invoice page, there are four tabs:

  • Details – View the invoice details
  • Update – Update the invoice details
  • Transactions – Lists payments and refunds for this invoice
  • Commissions – If this was generated by an affiliate, commissions associated for this invoice would be listed here

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