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To create a subscription, you must first create a subscription-based product.  To do that, go to Products > Manage Products > View Products, and click on Create Product. Select the option for Subscription or Membership.  You can then setup the product details and pricing as you see fit.
To create a subscription in the eCommerce admin manually, go to Orders > Manage Subscriptions > View Subscriptions. Click on the Create Subscription button.  You can go through the Create Order process, and in Step Two: Select Products, enter the subscription name to create one.

Updating Subscriptions
To update an existing subscription, go to Orders > Manage Subscriptions > View Subscriptions.  Click on the Edit icon to update the subscription you want.  On the Subscription Details page, set the following:

  • Status – Enable or Disable this subscription
  • Order Number – The current order number this subscription is assigned to
  • Member – The user who purchased the subscription
  • Product – The subscription product associated to this
  • Product Price – The amount of this subscription
  • Tax Amount – Tax amount to be added to this subscription
  • Interval Amount – The recurring interval amount
  • Interval Type – The recurring interval type, such as monthly, weekly, daily
  • Intervals Generated – The number of intervals or payments this subscription has generated
  • Max Intervals – The total intervals allowed for this subscription.  Set to zero (0) to disable
  • Start Date – Date when this subscription started
  • Next Due Date – Date when this subscription will be renewed again
  • Payment Type – What type of payment will be used to process the subscription
  • Subscription ID – For certain payment gateways, this is set as the subscription ID or token to identify the user for subsequent payments
  • Notes – Optional notes for this subscription
* Note – Subscriptions and recurring payments require the cron job tasks to run properly.  Make sure you have set it to run at least every 30 minutes, preferably every 5 minutes.  The cron job to run is specified in Settings > Automation > Cron Job

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