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To manage your orders in your eCommerce store, go to Orders > Manage Orders > View Orders. On this page, you can view the status of all your orders, and you can mark each order as Pending, Shipped, Processing, etc.  These options can be customized to your liking in Settings > Payment Options > Payment Statuses > Orders tab.

To create orders manually through the admin area, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Orders > Manage Orders > Create Order.  
  2. Alternatively, you can also go to Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts > Edit and click on the Create An Order button on the Update User page for a particular user contact.
  3. On the Create Order  page, you can enter the Client Profile details on Step One: Select Client 

  4. Click on Continue To Next Step
  5. In Step Two: Select Products, enter the product name that you want to add to the order. 
  6. Click on Add To Order
  7. Once you have added the products, click on Continue To Next Step
  8. On the Step Three: Discounts and Coupons section, enter any coupon or discount code for the order.
  9. Click on Continue To Next Step
  10. If you want to charge shipping to this order, enter Yes to Step Four: Set Shipping Address. Enter the Shpping Information on this area if so.
  11. Click on Continue To Next Step
  12. If you are charging shipping, you can select the shipping option available in Step Five: Shipping Options
  13. Click on Save Changes
  14. On Step Six: Billing Information, enter the contact's billing information and address.  Click Save and Continue
  15. On Step Seven: Generate Order, You can select the option for generating and invoice with this order and emailing it to the user.  You can also add notes to the order if needed.
  16. Click on Save and Create Order
  17. Your new order will now be listed in the system.

Updating Orders

To update any of the orders in the system, just click on the Edit icon.  In the Update Order page, you can do any of the following:

  • Accept and Process the order
  • Print Packing List – for sending out in shipments if you need it.
  • Update This Order – Update the order’s details
  • Notes tab – Add nay notes to your order
  • Shipping tab – If this order is being shipped, you can view the shipment’s carrier and shipping rates as well print postage (via Easypost only)

If you need to print or email this order, you can do that on the Orders > Manage Orders > View Orders page.

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