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To enable the Payeezy.js Payment Option, follow these steps:

  1. First, login to your Payeezy.js account and generate your API Keys. You will need the following keys:
    • API Key
    • API Secret
    • JS Security Key
    • Merchant Token
    • Ta token
  2. Once you have your keys, you can enable the Payeezy.js option in Settings > Manage Modules > Payment Gateways
  3. Click on the Install button if it is not yet installed.
  4. Once it is installed, click on Settings > Payment Options
  5. Click on the Edit  icon for Payeezy.js Payment Gateway
  6. You can now enter the fields for the payment option:

    • Enabled - Enable or Disable this payment option
    • Title - The title to show on the checkout page
    • Description - A short description for the payment option
    • API Key - Payeezy.js API Key
    • API Secret - Payeezy.js API Secret
    • JS Security Key - Payeezy.js JS Security Key
    • Merchant Token - Payeezy.js Merchant Token
    • TA Token - Payeezy.js TA Token
    • Currency - The 3 digit ISO code for your currency
    • Environment - Enable the sandbox option for testing
    • Auth Only - Enable Auth Only
    • Save Customer Token If you want to save a customer token for future payments, enable this option
    • Checkout Logo - The logo to use on the checkout page.
    • Sort Order - Sort order for the checkout page.

  7. Click on Save Changes

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