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Payment Gateways allow you to accept specific types of payments on your online store.  These can include credit card payments, check payments, or Paypal.

Your eCommerce store supports 3 types of payments:

Onsite Payments

These payments are processed in real time, on your site directly. These can be credit card payments such as Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Payeezy.  By default, onsite payments do not redirect your customers to a third party site to pay for their invoice.  All payments are processed on your site.  

Examples of onsite payments that eCommerce Manager currently supports are:

  • Stripe.com
  • Authorize.net (SIM)
  • Payeezy.js
  • WorldPay
  • 2Checkout

Offsite Payments

Offsite payments are payments that will redirect users to a third party (offsite) web site to process.  Payment gateways that process offsite payments in eCommerce Manager are:

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Skrill

By default, these payments will generate the order and invoice before the customer is redirected to the third party gateway.  Once the user pays via the offsite web page, they are redirected back to your site to process the order.

Offline Payments

Offline payments are payments that must be processed offline, or away from your web site.  These payments are sent to you manually, and you must enter those payments yourself in the admin area to process the invoice.

These payment options include the following:

  • Check Payments
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Bank Transfer Payments

Test Payments

There is also a real-time test payments module if you want to run tests on the real-time processing of orders/invoices.  You can enable this option in Settings > Manage Modules > Payment Gateways > Test Payments > Install

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