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To enable the Paypal Standard Payment Option, follow these steps:

  1. First, login to your Paypal account. 
  2. Find the option for Instant Payment Notification.
  3. Make sure you enable that option.  Enter Your Site URL if no IPN URL is set.
  4. Save Your Changes.
  5. Click on Settings > Manage Modules
  6. Click on the Payment Gateways modules
  7. Scroll down and view the Paypal  Standard Payment Gateway option
  8. If it is not yet installed, click on the Install button.
  9. Once it is installed, go back to Settings > Payment Options
  10. Find the Paypal Standard Option and click on the Edit icon
  11. You can now enter the fields for the payment option:

    • Enabled - Enable or Disable this payment option
    • Title - The title to show on the checkout page
    • Description - A short description for the payment option
    • Enable Testing - If you want to use the Paypal sandbox for testing, set this option.
    • Paypal Email - Your paypal email address
    • Currency Code - The currency code to use for paypal payments
    • Generate Invoice - If you want to generate an invoice before the user is redirected, enable this option.
    • API Username - You Paypal API Username (for refunds)
    • API Password - You Paypal API Password (for refunds)
    • API Signature - You Paypal API Signature (for refunds)
    • Enable Debug Email - Enable this option if you want to receive IPN debug emails.
    • Checkout Logo - The logo you want to use on the Paypal payment page.
    • Sort Order - Sort order when showing the different payment options on the checkout page.
  12. Click on Save Changes

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