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To enable the Payment Option, follow these steps:

  1. First, login to your account and generate your API Keys.  You will need the live keys for production, and the test keys for running test payments.
  2. Once you have your keys, you can enable the Stripe option in Settings > Manage Modules > Payment Gateways
  3. Click on the Install button if it is not yet installed.
  4. Once it is installed, click on Settings > Payment Options
  5. Click on the Edit  icon for Stripe Payment Gateway
  6. You can now enter the fields for the payment option:

    • Enabled - Enable or Disable this payment option
    • Title - The title to show on the checkout page
    • Description - A short description for the payment option
    • API Live Key - Stripe Live Key
    • API Publishable Key - Stripe Publishable Key
    • Currency - The 3 digit ISO code for your currency
    • Enable Testing - If you want to enable testing, set this option
    • API Test Key - Stripe Test Key
    • API Test Publishable Key - Stripe Test Publishable Key
    • Save Customer Token - If you want to save a customer token for future payments, enable this option
    • Checkout Logo - The logo to use on the checkout page.
    • Sort Order - Sort order for the checkout page.

  7. Click on Save Changes

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