Managing Blog Content

Your eCommerce System allows you to create blog posts under different categories.  You can do this through the eCommerce admin area directly.

 Adding Blog Posts

To add a new blog post, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Content Media > Blog Posts > Add Blog Post
  2. On the Create Blog Post page, enter the Blog Details for each language file you have enabled.
    • Title - Title of your blog post
    • Published / Draft - Set to Published if you want it to appear publicly
    • Publish Date - Date when you wan the post to be published
    • Summary - A short summary overview for your post.  This text shows up on the blog list page.
    • Post - The full blog post
    • Meta Title - Meta Title
    • Description - Meta Description
    • Keywords - Meta Keywords
  3. Under the Options tab, you can set the SEO and access options for this blog post
  4. Meta Options 
    • Permalink - The URL link for the post
    • Category - Enter the name of the blog category this post belongs to
    • Enable Comments - Enable or Disable Comments for this post
    • Blog Tags - Tags
    • Sort Order - Sort Order, if you want to display this in a different sort order.
    • Views - The number of views for the blog post
  5. Media
    • Overview Image - Optional Image to show on the blog list page
    • Header Image - Optional Image to show on the blog post page
    • Attached Files - If you want to attach files for users to download on the blog post, set it here.
  6. Visibility
    • Require Registration - If you want users to be registered first before being able to read the blog post, enable this option
    • Restrict To Blog Groups - Restrict this blog for viewing only for specific blog groups.  Users will have to be logged in to view it.
    • Blog Groups - Blog groups to restrict this blog post to.
    • Drip Feed Post - Set a specific number of days that this post will show up on a user's blog feed after their initial account registration

  7. Notes - If you have any notes for this post, you can enter it here.
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