Managing Blog Tags

Blog Tags are a good SEO technique that allows you to organize your posts in a good structured manner. Similar to categories, you can set different tags for each post, and each tag will link to each other grouping your posts together.

To manage current blog tags, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Content Media > Blog Posts > Blog Tags
  2. The Blog Tag Cloud will list all the current blog tags in your eCommerce system

Managing Blog Tags
You can view all blog tags for your blog in Content Media > Blog Posts > Blog Tags.  To add new blog tags, just type them in under the Options > Meta Options tab for the blog post you want, and they will automatically appear in the Blog Tags section, if it is not yet there. You can edit a blog tag by clicking on its text and updating it on the page.
Your blog tags automatically show in the left or right sidebar of your blog.  This makes it easy and visible for your users as well as search engines for SEO.

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