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Your eCommerce system allows you to set up comments for your blog posts.  This can be done by setting a specific comment module that you want to use in Settings > Content > Blog > Enable Blog Comments.  eCommerce Suite supports three different comment plugins:

  • Internal System
  • Disqus Comments
  • Facebook Comments

Use Internal Blog Comment System
To use the internal blog system, select this option for Enable Blog Comments. You can then set the Enable Comments option for each blog post in order for others to comment on your post.  You can also set the following options in Settings > Content > Blog:

  • Require Login to Comment
  • Moderate Blog Comments – When new blog comments are created, your eCommerce site will send the admins an email alert using the email template Admin Alert Comment Moderation Template in Email Tools > Email Templates > Admin Templates

Disqus Comment Plugin
To use the Disqus Comments Plugin, select this as the option for Enable Blog Comments and enter your Disqus Shortname in the Disqus Shortname field. You can get this from your admin account under Edit Settings > General section.  Once you have added that, the disqus comments plugin should automatically show up in the comments section for your blog post.

Facebook Comment Plugin
To enable the Facebook comment plugin, just insert your App ID in Facebook Comments App ID and select the Use Facebook Comments Plugin in the Enable Blog Comments option.  This will automatically show in your blog post’s comments section.
In order to get an App ID, you can login to your account to get one.

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