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The Network Marketing feature of eCommerce Suite allows you to create multiple levels of commissions payments up to 10 levels. With this option, each level can get paid a certain commission amount, an amount that you set yourself. For example:

  1. Level 1 - 10%
  2. Level 2 - 5%
  3. Level 3 - 2%
  4. Level 4 - 1%

Let's use the following affiliate downline as an example:

First Example

Using the diagram above, if Michelle Richard refers a customer, she would get the Level 1 commission of 10%. The upline would get the rest, like so:

  • Michelle Richard - 10%
  • Rafael Bertha - 5%
  • Claudette Lili = 2%
  • Bill Toshie - 1%

The direct referring affiliate will always get the Level 1 commission amount, his sponsor, level 2, his sponsor's sponsor, level 3 and so on, up to the number of levels that you set (for a maximum of 10 levels.)

Another Example

If Rie Helen refers a customer, she will get Level 1 and her sponsor Debby Maria, would get Level 2. If Debby Maria does not have a sponsor, then no Level 3 and no Level 4 commission will get generated.

Third Example

If Claudette Lili refers a customer, she gets Level 1 commission, Bill Toshie gets Level 2, and Debby Maria Level 3. If Debby Maria does not have a sponsor, then there won't be a Level 4 commission generated.

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