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The affiliate banners module allows you to add banner images to your affiliate marketing program that your affiliate members can copy and paste onto different online media.  This can be web pages, blogs, HTML emails, or social media sites, like Facebook.

To view your banners, go to Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Tools > Affiliate Banners.  You can add a new banner by clicking on Add Banner. On the Banner Details page, you can set the following:

  • Status – Enable or Disable this banner
  • Sort Order – Set the order for your banner in the banner list
  • Name – Name your banner
  • Banner File Name – the file name for your banner. Click on the Update Banner button to upload a new banner file to your site.
  • Banner Width – The width of your banner in pixels
  • Banner Height – The height of your banner in pixels
  • Enable Custom URL Redirect – If you want to redirect this banner link to a different web page other than the default home page, set this option.
  • URL to Redirect to – If you enable the custom URL redirect, set the URL here.
  • Restrict to Affiliate Group – If you want to show this banner to specific affiliate groups only, select the group here.
  • Notes – Optional notes for this banner

You can preview how your banner will look like on the Preview tab.

You can enable or disable banners in the Affiliate Banners section by clicking on the Status field, or setting the Status to Inactive / Active in the banner's details page.

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