Integrating External Sites for Affiliate Marketing

eCommerce Suite allows you to integrate third party sites for generating affiliate commissions.  To do that set the following settings in Settings > Marketing > Tracking.

  • Allow External Commission Generation – Set this option to Yes
  • Commission Tracking Key – Set an alphanumeric key.

You will also need to take down the $amount and $order_id variables that is used on your third-party site.
To integrate it, you would call it using a few options.

Generic Pixel Tracking
Add your hidden image tag using an image tracking pixel:

<img src=”$amount/trans_id/$order_id/key/$your_tracking_key” border=”0” height=”1” width=”1” />

PHP Script
Use PHP code and the file_get_contents function to call the script:

$jrox_url = 'your_ecommerce_suite_url'; //
$jrox_aff_cookie = 'your tracking cookie name'; //in your application/config/config.php file
$jrox_tracking_key = 'your_tracking_key';
$cookie = $_COOKIE[$jrox_aff_cookie];
$amount = '10.00'; //the sale amount variable
$trans_id = '123456789'; //the transaction or order ID for this commission

$data = array($jrox_aff_cookie => $cookie);

$url = $jrox_url. '/sale/generate/sub_total/' . $amount . '/trans_id/'.$trans_id. '/key/' . $jrox_tracking_key;
$url .= '?' . http_build_query($data);

$a = file_get_contents($url);
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