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eCommerce Suite gives you a variety options to pay your affiliates.  You can pay your affiliates their commissions through the Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Payments > Pay Affiliates section.  Payment options that are available are:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Dwolla
  • Checks
  • Invoices

Before commissions can be paid, you must first make sure you approve all commissions that you want to include in this payment run.  Click on Approve Pending Commissions first to approve all the commissions that are pending in the system.  Only Unpaid and Approved Commissions can be added for payment.

Once you have selected an option for payment and clicked Get Started, you can Update Options before payment:

  • Use Date Range – Show only specific commissions from this date range
  • Exclude Minimum – If you don’t want to include affiliate totals that are below the minimum amount you have set in Settings > Marketing > Affiliate Settings > Affiliate Minimum Payment Amount, enable this option.
  • Total Rows – Total rows of affiliates to show
  • Currency – The currency to use for this payment
  • Payment Details – The description to use for this payment run.

Once you have set this, click Proceed.  The next page will show the affiliates that are included for payment.  Once you have paid the affiliates, make sure to click on the checkbox for all affiliates paid, and click on the Mark Checked as box and select Marked As Paid to make sure to mark all commissions included in this payment run as paid.

View Affiliate Payment History
To view the payments that you have made to affiliates, you can do that in Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Payments > Payment History. You can view the commissions associated to each payment by clicking on the View Associated Commissions button.

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