What are Commission Rules?

Commission rules allow you to set options for your affiliates to get when referring customers to your eCommerce store.   You can set commission rules to generate any of the following:

  • Issue Bonus Commission – Issue a flat bonus commission amount
  • Assign to Affiliate Group – Assign a user to an affiliate group
  • Issue Reward Points – Issue reward points to a user

These can be based on any of these amounts:

  • Amount of Commission
  • Amount of Sale
  • Total Amount of Commissions
  • Total Amount of Sales
  • Total Amount of Referrals
  • Total Amount of Clicks

The Total Amounts can be set for:

  • All Time
  • Current Month
  • Current Year
  • Last Month
  • Last Year

You can also set this rule to Expire On a specific date. 
To create a commission rule, just go to Affiliate Marketing > Commission Rules, and click on Create Rule. On the Create Rule page, set the options for your rule.

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