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Commission rules allow you to set options for your affiliates to get when referring customers to your eCommerce store.   You can set commission rules to generate any of the following:

  • Issue Bonus Commission – Issue a flat bonus commission amount
  • Assign to Affiliate Group – Assign a user to an affiliate group
  • Issue Reward Points – Issue reward points to a user

These can be based on any of these amounts:

  • Amount of Commission
  • Amount of Sale
  • Total Amount of Commissions
  • Total Amount of Sales
  • Total Amount of Referrals
  • Total Amount of Clicks

The Total Amounts can be set for:

  • All Time
  • Current Month
  • Current Year
  • Last Month
  • Last Year

You can also set this rule to Expire On a specific date. 
To create a commission rule, just go to Affiliate Marketing > Commission Rules, and click on Create Rule. On the Create Rule page, set the options for your rule.

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