Managing Blog Content

You can view all your eCommerce site’s blog posts in Content Media > Blog Posts > View Blog Posts.

Managing Blog Posts
To add a new blog post, click on the Create Blog Post button. On the Blog Post Details page, enter the following:

  • Title – The title of your post
  • Draft / Published – Set this post as Draft or Published.  Your post must be set to Published for it to be publicly available.
  • Publish Date – Date that this post will be available online. If you want to schedule posts, set the dates here and it will automatically show up online on the assigned date.
  • Summary – A short summary for your blog post
  • Post – Your blog content
  • Meta Title / Description / Keywords – Set your meta data for SEO

Click on the Options tab to set more options for your post.
Meta Options
The meta options tab sets the following:

  • Permalink – URL permalink for your post
  • Category – Assign this to a specific blog category
  • Enable Comments – Allow comments for this post
  • Blog Tags – Add tags to your post
  • Sort Order – If you want to specify your posts to list in certain order set this option. * You will also need to set the column sort_order by manually editing the file /application/config/db_sort.php in the TBL_BLOG_POSTS sort order

Allows you to set media options such as:

  • Overview Image – Set an overview image or photo to show on the blog list page
  • Header Image – Set a header image or photo to show on the blog post’s page
  • Embed Video – If you want to show a video as the header image instead, select one here from any videos you have added in Content Media > Video Manager
  • Attached Files – If you want to have some files available for download in this post, assign them here from ones you have created in Content Media > Download Files

If you require this post to only be visible when users have logged in, you can set the following:

  • Require Registration – Only users that have registered and logged in can view the full content of this post
  • Restrict to Blog Groups – If you want to further restrict this post to only show to specific blog groups, you can assign them here.  The user must be a member of that specific blog group to view this post.
  • Drip Feed Post – Enter a number in days for this post to show up in a user’s blog after they register on your site.

Enter any extra notes for this post here.

If you have Auto Save Blog Drafts enabled in Settings > Content > Content Settings, the eCommerce Suite will automatically save drafts while you update your content every few minutes.  If you would like to restore a specific revision, you can click on one in the Revisions tab to restore.  Keep in mind, this will overwrite your current post with the saved revision.

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