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You can view all of your contacts in your eCommerce Suite admin area by clicking on Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts
To add a new contact, just click on Contacts > Manage Contacts > Add Contact. Once you have added one, you can update all of his / her options via the following tabs:

  • Overview – View the user’s email address and default affiliate link. It will also show the total commissions, affiliate clicks, and referred affiliates
  • Profile – The profile tab allows you to update the Account details, as well set the user’s Social info, photo profile, and user Permissions
  • Addresses – View and Edit the user’s addresses here.  To add an address, just click on the Add Address button
  • Affiliate – Set the user’s affiliate group, and affiliate payment details. You can also set the Alerts for this affiliate
  • Groups – Set the Discount Group and the Blog Group, as well any Mailing Lists this user is subscribed to.

View Customers

If you want to just view customers, you can click on View Customers.

View Affiliates

To view affiliates only, click on Affiliate Marketing > Affiliates > View Affiliates

Resetting a Contact Password

To reset a contact password, just click on the Contact under Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts and click on the Reset Member Password button.

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