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The shipping modules allow you to charge different options for shipping and handling methods in your eCommerce system.  These options can first be enabled in Localization > Shipping. There are currently a number of shipping options available:

  • Flat Rate Shipping – Charge one flat rate for the entire purchase made by the customer at checkout.  You may set different flat rate prices based on different regional zones that you set in the Regional Zones section.
  • Free Shipping – You can charge free shipping for products that exceed a certain price or weight.  You may set free shipping options based on regional zones as well.
  • Per Item Shipping – Charge a shipping amount for each product that you sell.  You can set different amounts per regional zones.
  • Percentage Based Shipping – Charge a percentage amount for the total purchase price or weight. For example, you can charge 5% shipping on a $100.00 total purchase. You can set different percentages per regional zones.
  • Unit Based Shipping – You can use unit-based shipping to charge shipping fees based on a minimum and maximum amount.  This can be set based on total purchase price or weight. You can set it by regional zones as well.
  • Fedex, USPS, UPS via Easypost – Easypost shipping allows you to generate shipping rates from various shipping carriers.  All you need is an account. You can use Easypost for any of the following shipping carriers:
    • USPS
    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • DHL
    • OnTrac
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
    • StarTrack
    • Toll

You can visit the carrier page to see more carrier options.
Generating Easypost Postage
Depending on your shipping carrier being used on Easypost, you can generate postage directly in eCommerce Suite.  If you have Easypost enabled, you can view postage labels in the Orders > Manage Orders and clicking on the Edit Order.

Enabling Shipping for Products
In order to charge shipping, make sure you set the Charge Shipping option in the product’s details page, under the Shipping tab.  Otherwise, your eCommerce store will treat it as a digital product.

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