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Admin Groups are used for managing admin users in your eCommerce Suite. By creating different administrative groups, you can set different permissions that each group member has in viewing, creating, updating and deleting data in your eCommerce admin area.

Viewing Admin Groups
To view your eCommerce store admin groups, click on Settings > Manage Admins. Click on the View Admin Groups button. The Admin Groups page will show all the administrative groups that you have in the system. By default, the Root Administrators group is for adding admin users with full admin privileges to the eCommerce system.

Creating and Managing Admin Groups
To create a new admin group, click on Settings > Manage Admins, and click on the View Admin Groups button. You can then click on the Create Admin Group button to add your admin group.

  • Group Name – Enter the name of your admin group
  • Permissions to View – Select the different permissions you want this admin user to have

Once you have saved it, you can go back to the Settings > Manage Admins page and select the admin to edit.  On the Manage Admin User page, set the admin group that you want for that admin user to be associated to.

Deleting an Admin Group
To delete an admin group, go to Settings > Manage Admins, and click on the View Admin Groups button.  Select the admin group you want to delete and click on the Delete button
* Note:  You cannot delete the initial Root Administrators admin group as this is the default master group for the eCommerce system.

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