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Admin Users or Administrators are the accounts that manage the entire eCommerce site.  You can have different administrators with different permissions and different alerts to manage certain functions of your eCommerce store.  For example, you can create Support Administrators to only have access to the help desk and support area to answer tickets on behalf of your company.

View Administrators
To view your eCommerce store administrators, click on Settings > Manage Admins. The Admin Users page will show all the active and inactive administrators that you have in the system.

Create and Manage Administrators
To create a new administrator, click on Settings > Manage Admins, and click on the Add Admin button.
You can set the following details for your administrator:

  • First Name – First name of the administrator
  • Last Name – Last
  • Username – Use at least 6 characters, but 8 or more is best
  • Primary Email – This will be used to send alerts and password resets.
  • Admin Group – You can select what admin group you want the admin to be in for permissions.  If you want to create admin groups first, click on the View Admin Groups button on the Administrators page.
  • Password – Use the password strength bar to make sure your admin password is strong enough
  • Rows Per Page – The default rows to show for each page in the admin area for this administrator
  • Admin Home Page – If you want the administrator to go to a specific page instead of the dashboard, you can select it here

Once you have added an administrator, you can set the Admin Alerts and Restrictions tab for them.

Admin Alerts
You can enable / disable different alerts that this administrator will receive from your eCommerce store on this tab.

If you have enabled the help desk, you can restrict this admin user to only see the support tickets assigned to him in the help desk.

Deleting an Administrator
To delete an administrator, click on Settings > Manage Admins. Click on the Delete icon associated with the administrator
* Note: You cannot delete the main administrator.  That is required for minimum access to the admin area.

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