Security Settings

The Security Tab will allow you to set security options like Captcha and IP restrictions

Security Settings

  1. Restrict Admin Area To IP - Restrict the admin area to specific IP addresses
  2. IP Addresses To Restrict To - If you want to restrict the admin area to an IP, enter them here separated by commas
  3. Enable Auto IP Block - Enable IP address blocks on failed logins
  4. Auto IP Block Interval - Total amounts of failed logins before IP is Blocked
  5. Blocked IP Addresses - IP Addresses To Block.  Press Enter After Each IP Address
  6. Debug Security Email - Email Address for Security and Debugging Information


  1. Enable Captcha - Enable Google ReCaptcha for your Site Forms
  2. Google ReCaptcha Key - Google ReCaptcha Key
  3. Google ReCapcha Secret - Google ReCaptcha Secret
  4. Enable Contact Captcha - Enable Captcha on the Contact Us Page 
  5. Enable Blog Captcha - Enable Captcha on Blog Comments
  6. Enable Admin Login Captcha - Enable Captcha on the Admin Login Page
  7. Enable Forum Captcha - Enable Captcha on Forum Replies and Topics
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