Automation Settings

The Automation Settings tab will allow you to configure API and Cron Scheduled Tasks

API Access

  1. Site API Key - API Key.  Enter at least 32 alphanumeric characters
  2. Site API Token - API Token. Enter at least 32 alphanumeric characters
  3. API Restrict To IP Addresses - To secure API Access, you can enter the IP Addresses here, one IP per line

Cron Job

The schedule cron jobs are required to run certain system tasks, such as database backup, cleanup, recurring payments and sending emails.

  1. Cron Transaction Log Interval - The number of days to prune the transaction log
  2. Cron Expired Subscriptions Interval - Number of days subscriptions will be deactivated for non payment
  3. Generate New Invoices X Days Before - The number of days to generate invoices before its invoice date
  4. Cancel Unpaid Invoices After Days - Cancel Unpaid Invoices After X Number of Days
  5. Send Cron Debug Reports - Send Debug Reports Via Email

Cron Tasks - Uncheck To Disable

If you do not want specific cron jobs to run, you can uncheck them here 

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