Email Settings

The Email Settingst tab will allow you to configure options for emailing and mass mailing

Email Settings

This tab will allow you to configure the default email settings for the application.

  1. Default Email Contact - The email address contact leads are sent to by default.
  2. Mailer Type - The email sending type to use for sending out emails.
  3. Use SMTP Authentication - If you are using the SMTP mailer type, you can enable this option here.
  4. SMPT Host - If you are using the SMTP mailer type, set this option.
  5. SMTP Username - The username for your SMTP authentication
  6. SMTP Password - Password for your SMTP username
  7. SMTP Port - Port number for your SMTP Host
  8. Email Charset - The charset to use when sending emails.  The default is UTF-8

Mass Mail

Set the mass mailing functions in this section as well as enable third party list modules

  1. Members Default Mailing List - Set the default mailing list all users are subscribed to when they register and create an account
  2. Mailing List Module - Set whether you want to use the internal built-in mailing list module or a third party one if available.
  3. Mass Mailing Limit - The number of emails the internal list module will send at any one time.


Set the advanced options for your email settings in this tab.

  1. Server Provider - Set the default email framework to use. Default is PHPMailer
  2. SMTP Timeout - Timeout setting for connectin to remote SMTP servers for sending email
  3. Send Queue Immediately - If you do not want to initially queue certain emails, enable this setting.  Note:  Certain functions may take longer to run if you have to connect and send all emails immediately instead of queueing.
  4. Enable Email Archive - Set this option if you want to archive all emails sent out by the system.
  5. Auto Prune Archive - Set this to at least 30 days so that all archived emails are pruned from the archive table.
  6. Enable SSL  - If you use SSL or TLS for sending emails, enable that option here.
  7. Enable Email Debugging  - For troubleshooting purposes, enable this option to test your email settings
  8. Show Content in Queue - Show a preview of the email content in the email queue.
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