Media Settings

The Media Settings tab configures options for images, file types, upload and download paths, as well as importing.


  1. Image Library - Select the image processing library you use for PHP
  2. Allowed Upload Photo Types - Allowed file types to upload
  3. Maximum Photo Size - Maximum size of uploaded photos in KB


  1. Allow User Uploads - Allow users to upload photos
  2. Max Upload Size - Maximum upload size in KB
  3. Max Products Upload Size - Maximum upload size for products in KB
  4. Allowed Product Upload Types - Allowed product types for uploading
  5. Upload Products Folder Path - The folder path where products are uploaded to


  1. Download File Path - Default download folder path for files
  2. Allowed Download File Types - Allowed digital file types for download
  3. Default Download Expiration In Days - Default Expiration Amount In Days


  1. Data Import Folder - Folder for importing data
  2. Data Import Allowed File Types - Allowed File Types for Data Importing
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