Content Settings

The Content Settings tab shows options for configuring content, blog and comments 

Content Settings

  1. Enable Blog - Enable or Disable the blog section
  2. Document Charset - Document charset. The default is UTF-8
  3. Auto Save Blog Drafts - If you wan to auto save your blog drafts, enable this option
  4. Auto Save Draft Interval in Minutes - The interval where the system will try and autosave your blog draft entries.
  5. Auto Generate XML Sitemap - For generating an XMLS sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools


  1. Default Blog Group - The default blog group users are added to when registering
  2. Enable Blog Comments - If you want to allow blog comments, you can set your option here.
  3. Disqus Shortname - If you want to use Disqus for blog comments, enter your short name here
  4. Require Login To Comment - Require users to login first before being allowed to comment
  5. Moderate Blog Comments - Moderate new blog comments for approval.


  1. Enable User Profiles - Enable the option for user profiles
  2. Allow Stripe Billing Updates - If you use Stripe for subscription billing, you can enable that option here to allow members to update their billing info in the members area.
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