Community Vs Licensed Version

What is the Difference Between Community Version and The Licensed Version?

The Community Version allows you to use Ecommerce Manager for as long as you want.  NO TIME LIMITS.  The only restrictions are:

  • Affiliates are restricted to a total number of 50.  
  • 1 Default Affiliate Group
  • Commission Levels are set to 1 level only.
You are also limited to community based support through  our eCommerce forums area.

The Licensed Version gives you all the features of the community version with ticket-based email support.  You also get more features, such as:

  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Unlimited Affiliate Groups for Custom Commissions Per Group, Affiliate, and Product
  • Up to 10 affiliate commission levels
  • Access to Built-in Gift Certificates Module
  • Unlimited Affiliate Groups
  • Recurring Payments / Subscription based products
  • Access to Affiliate Commission Rules Module
  • Access to eCommerce Promotional Rules Module
  • Knowledgebase (KB) Module
  • Community Forum Module
  • Loyalty Rewards Module
  • Drag-and-Drop Home Page Builder
  • Widget Based Layouts for Home Page
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