System Requirements

JROX.COM eCommerce Manager  (JEM) currently requires the following system components:

Requirement Minimum Recommended
Hosting Server * Linux Based cPanel Linux
Apache Modules mod_rewrite mod_rewrite
Email Configuration Sendmail/SMTP Sendmail/SMTP
Cron Jobs Cron Access Cron Access
PHP Version 5.6.0 Latest 7.x Release
PHP Memory Limit 64MB 128MB**
PHP Database Extension PDO PDO
PHP Extensions Curl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
JSON Support

Curl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
JSON Support
MySQL Version 5.1.0 5.5.x
MySQL Strict Mode Disabled Disabled
* eCommerce Manager is designed to work with Linux or Unix. Running it on a Windows based host is not tested and may not work.
** Memory Limits are dependent on the size and activity of an installation. Each website requirements may differ.
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