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Setting Up a Membership Based Online Store can be done in a few steps

  1. First, create a subscription product in Products > Manage Products > View Products
  2. Click on Create Product, and select the Subscription or Membership  option.
  3. Configure your subscription product as you need.
  4. Make sure to set the Auto Forward To Checkout option on the Options tab to Yes
  5. Now click on Design Layout > Layout and Themes > Site Layout
  6. On the Login tab, set the Require Membership on Login to Yes
  7. Select the new subscription product you just created on the Require Membership option
  8. Save Changes
  9. Now, to require users to have to login with a valid subscription to shop, go to Settings page.
  10. On the Site tab > Restrictions tab, set the Require User Login to Yes. This will require all users to have to enter a username/password on your home page before being able to browse.




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