Associate an Invoice to an Order

Sometimes, you may create a manual order without creating a corresponding invoice with it.  If you do decide to associate an invoice to that order later on.  Please follow these steps.


  1. Make sure the customer that you created the order for has an associated account in your system (i.e. not a guest checkout)
  2. Click on Manage Orders > View Orders, and select the order that you want.
  3. Under the Bill To section, click on the user associated with this order.  Alternatively, you can go to Contacts > Manage Contacts and search for the user.
  4. On the User's details page, click on the Issue New Invoice link on the right side.  This will allow you to create a standalone invoice for that user.
  5. Enter the details for this invoice.
  6. Click on Save Changes
  7. Once the invoice is created, click on the Update tab and enter the Order Number on the right side with the order that you want to associate this invoice with.
  8. Click Save Changes.

* Keep in mind, that once you associate an order with an invoice, that cannot be edited any more, so make sure it is the right order number.

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