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In order to use Stripe Connect for paying your affiliates, you must first setup your stripe account.

Get Your Stripe Keys

If you have not setup your Stripe Payment Gateway yet, your Stripe API Keys are needed to get you started.  Login to your Stripe Account and go to Developers > API Keys. 

If you have yet to generate your keys, go ahead and create standard keys.  If you want to use test data to test out the payments, Select the View Test Data option on the left hand side bar to generate test keys.  You will need the Publishable Key and Secret Key

Setting Up Stripe Connect

For Affiliate Payments, you will need to setup Stripe Connect.  click on Settings > Connect settings, and make sure you have selected the Express Account Type under the Availability > Account Types section.  Enter your business and logo information as well in the Branding section to customize your Stripe Connect onboarding page. This is the page the user is redirected to when enabling their stripe payments and setting up their bank transfer details.

Set Up Your JROX Module

Once you have setup the stripe portion of it, go back to your JROX admin area.

Login to your JROX admin and go to Settings > Payment Gateways. Select the Stripe payment gateway and enter your keys in the configuration page.  Click Save Changes

Click on Settings > Manage Modules > Affiliate Payments.  If you have not installed the Stripe Connect Mass Payment module, click Install.

Before your users can get paid via Stripe, you will need to have them login to  your JROX members area, under Accounts > Affiliate Payments and setup their bank transfer details there.  Once that is done, you will have the option of paying them via Stripe whne you run your affiliate payments routing under Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Payments > Pay Affiliates




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