Managing Forms

The form generator allows you to edit and customize the signup and registration forms in your eCommerce site. You can also add extra forms if you want to use one and have that data emailed to you or posted to another page.

Managing Forms

To update the forms on your site, go to Design Layout > Form Generator. The system has three integrated forms:

  • Registration Form – The registration form is used for new users signing up and registering for your site, as a regular contact, or as an affiliate.  The form URL would be at:
  • Checkout Form – The checkout form is used when users are purchasing products on your site and is used on checkout
  • Contact Form – The contact form is the default contact page on your site for contacting you

You can edit the form fields being used by clicking on the Manage Form Fields button. On this page, you can set each field as Visible and Required, so that it shows up on the form, and is either a required field to fill in or not.  To rearrange, click on the Sort icon to drag and drop it where you want it on the field list.
To edit the text on each field, click on the Edit icon.
To add custom fields, click on the Add Custom Field button. 

Adding New Forms
To create a new form, click on the Add Form button. Once you have added one, you can setup new form fields for this form by clicking on the Manage Form Fields button.

Securing Your Forms

To secure your forms, we suggest using Google Captcha.  You can enable this under Settings > Security > Captcha

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