Managing Knowledgebase Articles

To add a new knowledgebase article, click on Create Article in Help and Support > Knowledgebase. On the Article Details page, set the following:

  • KB Title – The Title of your knowledgebase article
  • KB Body – The Content your knowledgebase article
  • Meta Title – The meta title for SEO
  • Meta Keywords – The meta keywords for SEO
  • Meta Description – The meta description for SEO

On the Configuration tab, set the following:

  • Status – Enable or Disable this article
  • Featured – Feature this article on the home page of your knowledgebase
  • Category – Add this article to a specific knowledgebase category
  • Permalink – The permalink URL
  • KB Downloads – If you want to attach downloadable files to this article, you can select one from your download files in Content Media > Download Files
  • KB Videos – If you want to show an embedded video on this article, you can select one from your videos in Content Media > Video Manager
  • Sort Order – Set a sort order for this article
  • Views – The number of views this article has received publicly
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