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To view your support tickets, go to Help and Support > Support Tickets > Active Tickets.  Click on a ticket to submit a reply.  Each reply is automatically sent to user’s email address.
You can filter your tickets by clicking on the Filter Tickets button. To reply to a ticket, click on a support ticket issue. On the Add Your Reply you can add your reply.  You can set the following fields:

  • Merge Fields – Use these fields to represent certain tags for your user
  • Replies – If you have predefined replies, select one here to autoload it
  • Category – Select a support category
  • Priority – Set a priority for this ticket
  • Attachments -Add an attachment to your reply
  • Set Ticket Status – Set the status for this ticket
  • Notes – Notes to add for this reply

* Note – Your users must login to the client area to submit a reply.

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The eCommerce System supports the option for instant answers if you have enabled the knowledgebase module

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