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eCommerce Suite allows you to subscribe users to different mailing lists in your system.  Mailing lists allow you to contact your customers and affiliates via email via mass mailing or follow ups.  You can use either the internal mailing list system, or third-party modules, such as Mailchimp.

Internal Mailing Lists

Your eCommerce store has internal mailing lists that you can use to subscribe your customers to.  You can view them in Email Tools > Mailing Lists.  To create a new list, click on Create Mailing List.  You can enter the following:

  • List Name
  • Description
  • Notes

Assigning Mailing Lists

You can assign default mailing lists for users to be subscribed to when registering in Settings > Email > Mass Mail > Members Default Mailing List
On affiliate registrations, affiliates are also registered to the Affiliates Mailing List.  For customers, when they subscribe on checkout, they are subscribed to the Customers Mailing List

Assigning Contacts
To assign contacts to mailing lists, you can do so in Contacts > Manage Contacts > View All Contacts.  Select the user check box on the left-hand side and scroll to the Mark Checked As dropdown field to select Add Mailing List.  Select the mailing list to add the user. Alternatively, you can select Remove Mailing List in the dropdown field to remove the user from the selected mailing list.
You can also assign a specific user to a mailing list in his / her contact details, by going to the Groups tab and assigning the lists in the Mailing Lists field.

Assigning Products
When purchasing products, you can assign customers to specific mailing lists on checkout. To do so, go to Products > Manage Products > View Products. Click on the Edit icon for the product that you want and go to the Options tab.  You can set the Add Mailing List and Remove Mailing List fields here.  Now, whenever someone purchases this product, the customer will be subscribed / unsubscribed to the mailing lists you specify.

Mass Mailing Contacts

To mass email your eCommerce users, go to Email Tools > Mailing Lists.  Select the Email icon.  You can now enter your email message and click Send.
* Note – mass emails are dependent on Mass Mailing Limit setting in Settings > Email > Mass Email and the Cron jobs being successfully run.  Make sure that the cron job in Settings > Automation > Cron Job is setup in your host and is running on an interval of every 5 minutes.  The Mass Mailing Limit is sent out during those intervals so as not to overload your server. Keep in mind that it also depends on your web host’s configuration as to how much email can be sent by your system.

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