Setting Up Affiliate Stores

The affiliate stores module gives your affiliate members a way to create a custom store with their own product recommendations on it.   You can allow them the option of promoting specific products on your site, with their own welcome message and background.

Managing Affiliate Stores
To setup your affiliate stores, go to Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Tools > Affiliate Stores.  To view the default settings for it, click on the Settings icon. On the Module Configuration page, you can set the following:

  • Maximum Product Recommendations – The number of products your affiliate can promote in his / her store
  • Redirect Affiliate Link – Set the affiliate’s default link to redirect to his / her affiliate shop
  • Default Welcome Headline – The default headline for the shop
  • Default Welcome Text – The default welcome text to show for the shop
  • Default Background – The default background image for the shop
  • Allow Affiliate To Select A Headline Background – Allow your affiliates to select from different backgrounds. To add or edit the available backgrounds, upload them to the backgrounds folder in /images/uploads/backgrounds/
  • Default Shop Avatar – Set a default avatar image for the affiliate shop headline

Activating Affiliate Stores
For your affiliates to setup their stores, they need to go to their Members area > Affiliates > Affiliate Stores > Activate Affiliate Store. Once that is done, they will be able to customize the store and add products to it. 

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