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Allow affiliates to share links on their Facebook accounts to promote your site to their friends.
To view your links, go to Affiliate Marketing > Affiliate Tools > Facebook Affiliate Link Sharing.  You can add a new link by clicking on Add Link. On the Link Details page, you can set the following:

  • Status – Enable or Disable this link
  • Sort Order – Set the order for your link in the list
  • Name – Name your ink
  • Link Text– The title of your link
  • Enable Custom URL Redirect – If you want to redirect this link to a different web page other than the default home page, set this option.
  • URL to Redirect to – If you enable the custom URL redirect, set the URL here.
  • Restrict to Affiliate Group – If you want to show this ad to specific affiliate groups only, select the group here.
  • Notes – Optional notes for this ad

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